Voice Analysis Online


This is a brand new feature for VoiceCity and is a fantastic and affordable way to get a professional opinion about your singing!

Submit 1 song in mp3 format recorded  without Autotune or pitch correction programmes such as Melodyne and ideally using a condenser microphone in your home or professional studio. The clearer the recording, the easier it will be for VoiceCity to give you an accurate and detailed analysis.

What will you get for your money?

You will get an analysis of the following:

  • Intonation – your tuning
  • Tone – clear, husky, rich, bright, etc.
  • Articulation – how clear your words are
  • Vocal style – what genre of music we think might suit your voice
  • Potential – whether you could work as a professional singer
  • How to improve – vocal exercises and ways to develop your voice

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