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Knowing how to use your voice to convey a sense of gravitas and engage with your client base and audience is an essential skill for any business person.

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Singing is a great means self expression and of uniting people.

At VoiceCity we can deliver vocal training for your staff at your company offices or at an external venue. We can show you how to:

        • Project your voice.
        • Speak with more authority.
        • Preserve your voice and avoid vocal strain.
        • Discover your full vocal range to give your voice more colour and interest.
        • Form a “scratch” choir on the day of your event and give a performance.


Price Waterhouse Coopers

In December 2013 we were booked to work with Price Waterhouse Coopers on their Christmas event at Latimer House near Watford.

Our director Hannah was told that the event had a Welsh theme and was asked to get 100 delegates singing as “from scratch choir” then split them into smaller groups for a “sing off” to finish the event. She was warned that some people may be very reluctant singers! She was asked to teach them the Welsh National Anthem (in Welsh!) and select another fitting song, so Hannah chose “Delilah” by Welshman Tom Jones for it’s rousing chorus.

PWC event organiser Cathy Allen said she was very surprised that every person ended up singing and really immersed themselves in learning the songs with gusto. The evening was a huge success!

Price Waterhouse Coopers Choir

Price Waterhouse Coopers Choir


Corporate Vocal Coaching

Corporate Vocal Coaching

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VoiceCity Director Hannah has been asked several times to assembles choirs, most notably for two major films.

In 2007 she was asked to work on thriller  “The Oxford Murders” starring Elijah Wood and John Hurt. At short notice she was required to form The Hannah Northedge Singers and rehearse complex original music with them to perform in the film and on a studio recording.

Film composer Roque Banos (The Machinist, Sexy Beast, Evil Dead) who also played the conductor in the film was so impressed with the choir’s professionalism, ability to grasp direction quickly and good humour that he booked them to record part of the soundtrack at Abbey Road Studios in London.

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In 2013 Hannah was again asked to provide her choir for comedy drama film “The Riot Club” starring Natalie Dormer and Max Irons. This time the brief was a little more involved. She was asked to choose a folk song and create her own a cappella arrangement of it, rehearse the choir and act as Musical Director on set conducting and acting in the film.

Director Lone Scherfig was very happy that her brief had been fulfilled and that the music worked so well in the scene.

The film will be released in September 2014 at all major UK cinemas and then internationally.

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