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Brown & Green Cafe Choir

B&G Cafe Choir 1

A vibrant non audition community choir performing original arrangements of pop, rock, Motown, blues, folk and other contemporary music styles. The choir was founded in June 2016 and is directed by professional singer Hannah Northedge who holds a Masters degree in Voice Science.

The choir’s unique selling point is the added benefit of professional voice training integrated into each rehearsal with warm up exercises, and technical work outs. Hannah will always explain the reasons behind these exercises and why and how they improve the voice. She will also recount (often surreal!) anecdotes from many of her own concert performances to help enhance your singing.

You can read more about Hannah, hear her voice and see her gig list here:

The choir often socialise after rehearsal in one of the many eateries and pubs on the Crystal Palace triangle.

There is FREE tea and coffee available to you at rehearsals!


Brown and Green Cafe, 99 Church Road, Crystal Palace, London, SE19 2PR

Nearest Stations

Gipsy Hill (zone 3) – 10 minute walk

Crystal Palace Overground and Mainline (zone 3) – 15 minute walk


There are no auditions to join, but all singers will have a trial period of 3 – 4 weeks after which their progress will be monitored and discussed. This is purely to ensure that no singer is struggling in a voice section and that all singers feel like they are making progress. It is also to ensure a standard is maintained across the choir.

Singers of all abilities and levels over the age of 18 are most welcome to attend.


We have at least one public performance per month, on the last day of term at the Cafe and also outside engagements too.

Watch us in action! 


You do not need to be able to read music to sing with the choir although it will benefit you as music scores are provided for you to follow. If you learn “by ear”, that’s fine as audio files are provided too.


All scores (music notation) and audio files for each separate voice part plus scores of all voice parts will be placed in a Dropbox folder and a link will be emailed to you. You must then download and save the files to your computer straight away, as the links will expire after about 1 week. Individual voice part scores will be printed and distributed by the choir director at rehearsals. If singer prefer to use full scores of all voice and piano accompaniment parts, these will be added to Dropbox and it is then down to the individual to print and use at rehearsal.


11 Wednesdays from 7.30 - 9pm for the dates below: 

1).  Weds 17th May - taster session for newcomers 
2).  Weds 24th May 
3).  Weds 31st May 
4).  Weds 7th June 
5).  Weds 14th June 
6).  Weds 21st June 
7).  Weds 28th June 
8).  Weds 5th July 
9).  Weds 12th July 
10). Weds 19th July 
11). Weds 26th July - Public Performance


£95 full term (If starting between session 1 – 6)

£47.50 half a term (if starting from session 7 onwards)

If you join before or on the 6th session (of an 11 session term), then the full termly fee will be payable in one sum.

If you join on the 7th session or after (of an 11 session term), then half of the termly fee will be payable in one sum.


If you can only make certain dates in the term, you can pay £15 per session, which must be paid online before the session or directly to the choir director in cash before 7.30pm that session. However, it is not encouraged as it makes it very hard to create balance in numbers across voice sections. Also it’s cheaper to pay per term.

Receipts are available on request.



PAYMENT must be made for the termly fee in one sum and cannot be made in instalments. See above for exceptions.

REFUNDS are not available once payment is made.

Please read through the choir details throughly to ensure this group suits you before making payment.

Guests at rehearsals

It is kindly requested that children are not permitted at rehearsals with parents as the choir need to be able to focus on the rehearsal without disruption. Friends are also not permitted to attend unless they intend to join the choir and wish attend as a taster session.

Conduct during rehearsals

Mobile phones may only be used for audio recording rehearsals for practice material. They may not be used for making calls and texting in the rehearsal room, as this is incredibly distracting to the choir director and is also very disrespectful to other voice sections working on their parts. Please use the time that you are not singing to listen to other voice sections and listen to any technical advice given, since it will also benefit your voice section. Please use this time to follow along the other voice parts in the full scores too.

You must not attend rehearsals if you are intoxicated, for obvious reasons.


We all know how bad Southern trains can be at running on time, so if you do find yourself late to rehearsal, please do come in quietly and grab a score.


If you have a cold or anything else contagious, please email the choir director before attending rehearsals, with as much notice as possible, to discuss what is the best thing to do. It may be best to miss a session to avoid getting worse and passing on anything to other singers, but this can be discussed.

If the choir director is unwell, she will try to arrange someone to cover her for that session to maintain continuity for everyone.